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Actions Against the Police

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Malicious Prosecution

Where you have been prosecuted and acquitted, particularly where the case was dropped before even reaching trial, it may be that there was insufficient evidence to charge you in the first place to charge. Where it can be shown that the police had some other motive for charging you other than the pursuit of justice, you may have a claim for malicious prosecution and Stewart Begum Solicitors may be able to help you get compensation.


Where a police officer (or other public official) knowingly abuses their powers or commits an act intending to injure you in some way, you may have a claim for misfeasance. Stewart Begum Solicitors may be able to help you get compensation.

Assault and Battery

Where the police use unlawful force or excessive or unreasonable force when arresting or restraining you then the police may have committed an assault or battery against you for which you may claim compensation. This may also include any unlawful touching by the police (such as the application of handcuffs or the taking of your fingerprints and DNA) where the arrest was originally unlawful.

If in prison, where you have been assaulting by prison staff or other inmates, Stewart Begum Solicitors may be able to help you get compensation.

False Imprisonment

The police must be able to legally justify arresting you. If they arrest you without justification they have subjected you to wrongful arrest and false imprisonment. This may also be the case if you are detained for an excessive amount of time, even if the arrest was lawful. Such incidents happen frequently, and Stewart Begum Solicitors can assist you in a claim.

It may also be the case that you have been held too long in prison or court as a result of staff failures. You may be able to claim compensation for the time you were wrongly detained.

Unlawful Searches

Although the police have the right to stop and search people this right is unlimited and must be used under strict conditions. Where the police search you outside of these conditions it is not lawful and may amount to an assault and you may have a claim for compensation. Stewart Begum Solicitors is able to assist you in obtaining fairness.

Police Complaints

It may be that all you seek is official acknowledgement and an apology for the way you have been mistreated. You may also which an officer to face disciplinary proceedings for his or her conduct. Assisting you to make a complainant, often alongside a claim for compensation, is one of the ways in Stewart Begum Solicitors is able to assist you.

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