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Serious Fraud Offences

Fraud cases vary greatly and may be prosecuted by a wide range of bodies depending on nature and seriousness of the alleged fraud offence.

Our Serious and Complex Crime lawyers are experienced in dealing with the most serious and complex frauds cases alleging offences such as:

  • Conspiracy to defraud

  • Money laundering

  • Cash seizure, restraint and confiscation

  • Tax investigations

  • Regulatory investigations

  • Corruption

We know how stressful a fraud investigation is to you, your family and your business. We will do everything possible to secure the best possible outcome. Our reputation, experience and success is recognised throughout the profession and this is why most of our cases come from people who have been referred to us by previous clients. This is because we combine a friendly and professional service that is specifically designed for you, we years of legal expertise, experience and technical ability.

If you are facing an investigation by any of these enforcement authorities, we can help:

  • HM Revenue & Customs

  • Financial Conduct Authority

  • Serious Fraud Office

  • Department for Business Innovation and Skills

  • National Crime Agency

  • Crown Prosecution Serious Casework Section

  • Other regulatory bodies

Be it a matter of facing the prospect of an interview by one of the above agencies, being the subject of court proceedings or having an order made freezing your assets, we know from experience that early interventions in these matters can make all the difference.

If you or your business is the subject of investigation by any of the authorities mentioned above, then please contact us for a free initial assessment.

Major and Complex Crime

Our experienced crown court specialists offer advice and representation for all matters at the crown court. We have extensive experience in representing clients accused of a wide range of serious and organised crime at the crown court including; murder, terrorism, firearms offences, drug trafficking money laundering, fraud, sexual offences and all forms of conspiracy.

We have links with a wide network of specialist barristers. We are also able to offer the services of solicitors with rights of audience in the crown court to represent you at court if you prefer. This means that the perfect advocate will always be found to suit your particular circumstances.

We strongly believe that frequent communication and consultation between the entire legal team (of which our client is the most important part) is always in our client’s best interests and we are happy to facilitate this.

If you or a loved one are a defendant in a case going to the crown court, then please contact us for a free initial assessment.

Court of Appeal and Criminal Cases Review Commission

You may find yourself in a situation where you feel that the judge or the jury in your crown court case simply got it wrong. You may feel that you were convicted when you should not have been. You may have been told that you have no grounds to appeal or might have appealed and been refused. In some circumstances, particularly those where fresh evidence has come to light, it may be possible renew your appeal or have your case considered by the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Our solicitors have vast experience in representing clients in renewed appeals and reviews. We appreciate that by the time you have reached this stage you would have been through a great deal within the legal system and may feel that you have not been treated fairly. Either way, you are likely to have had a lot of lawyers telling you a lot of different things.

We can offer frank an honest advice about your position and, where you wish to take things further, we have the determination, experience, and technical legal ability to help you attain the best outcome.

If you or a loved one have been convicted in the crown court and have had an appeal refused, then please contact us for a free initial assessment.

Crown Court

We understand that appearing the crown court is worrying. We can explain the process from beginning to end and help you through it. Stewart Begum Solicitors has extensive experience defending the full range of criminal offences heard in the crown court, regardless of the complexity or seriousness. We will advise you clearly and promptly as to your options, so you can make informed decisions about your case. We will work closely with you to ensure that your case is properly prepared for trial so that your case is presented in the best possible light. 

If you plead not guilty we will analyse the prosecution case against you and, where necessary, instruct experts on your behalf. We will inform you and any defence witnesses you may have about the court process and what to expect. 

If you plead guilty we will help you prepare for your sentence hearing ensuring that all mitigating circumstances are brought to the court's attention. We will present character evidence and negotiate an appropriate basis of plea on your behalf.

The work of our serious and complex crime solicitors normally involves cases at the crown court, Court of Appeal and High Court. This will generally fall into the category of ‘major and complex crimes’ or ‘serious fraud offences’.

If you or a loved one are a defendant in a case going to the crown court, then please contact us for a free initial assessment.

Magistrates' Court

If you or a loved are going to court our skilled and experienced lawyers are available to represent you at magistrates’ and youth courts nationwide, from Monday to Saturday and on bank holidays. Our lawyers have vast experience dealing with the full range of cases heard in the magistrates’ courts and youth courts. We will advise you whether you have a defence to the charges you face. We will guide you through the process, giving you clear advice about your options and providing you with outstanding representation in court.

If you or a loved one are a defendant in a case going to the magistrates' or youth court, then please contact us for a free initial assessment.

Police Station Representation

Being held in custody by the police or being invited in for questioning is a daunting prospect for anyone. Stewart Begum Solicitors has an expert available to give you advice at the police station 24 hours a day. The advice is entirely free, independent and confidential. All our lawyers are highly experienced, fully accredited and will attend the police station within 45 minutes of being requested to attend. Alternatively, they can speak to you on the phone immediately if you prefer. Our lawyers will be able to fight your corner and advise you on the best course of action. Most of the clients we represent at the police station never face criminal charges and never have to go to court. 

If you or a loved one are under investigation, then please contact us for a free initial assessment.

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