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Reasons to Choose Us

Caring, compassionate and personalised service:- We understand that it can be very frustrating when you cannot contact your particular lawyer to discuss your case. Accordingly, we have designed our business to maximise the opportunity for you to speak with the specific lawyer dealing with your case when you want to. On those rare occasions when your specific lawyer is not available, our system ensures that you will be able to speak to a lawyer who has sufficient knowledge of your case to assist you.

Cradle to grave service:- We provide a tailor made service throughout the life of your case. From the moment you learn that you are to be the subject of a criminal allegation or from the moment that you which to enquire about making a civil complainant we are available to provide specialist expert advice and representation every step of the way. We give you the confidence and information you need to deal with the matter.

Breadth and depth of legal knowledge:- The members of our firm are able to call upon decades of experience of both the civil and the criminal justice system, law and procedure, to give you realistic explanations of what you will face at each stage and to maximise the strength of your case. Our experience proves invaluable to our clients because it is often the difference between success or not.

Swift communication:- We understand that the legal process may be very distressing to those involved. We also appreciate that waiting to find out about important developments in your case may add to that distress. Accordingly, we ensure that that our clients find it as easy as possible to speak to us and that they are kept clearly informed of the progress of their case in a timely manner.

There are numerous other reasons why you should choose Stewart Begum Solicitors to represent you. However, as our clients are central to our business we prefer to let their words speak for us. Please refer to our testimonials section to read some of the things our clients have to say about us.

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