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Serious Fraud Offences

Proven Success

Fraud cases vary greatly and may be prosecuted by a wide range of bodies depending on nature and seriousness of the alleged fraud offence.

Our Serious and Complex Crime lawyers are experienced in dealing with the most serious and complex frauds cases alleging offences such as:

  • Conspiracy to defraud

  • Money laundering

  • Cash seizure, restraint and confiscation

  • Tax investigations

  • Regulatory investigations

  • Corruption

We know how stressful a fraud investigation is to you, your family and your business. We will do everything possible to secure the best possible outcome. Our reputation, experience and success is recognised throughout the profession and this is why most of our cases come from people who have been referred to us by previous clients. This is because we combine a friendly and professional service that is specifically designed for you, we years of legal expertise, experience and technical ability.

If you are facing an investigation by any of these enforcement authorities, we can help:

  • HM Revenue & Customs

  • Financial Conduct Authority

  • Serious Fraud Office

  • Department for Business Innovation and Skills

  • National Crime Agency

  • Crown Prosecution Serious Casework Section

  • Other regulatory bodies

Be it a matter of facing the prospect of an interview by one of the above agencies, being the subject of court proceedings or having an order made freezing your assets, we know from experience that early interventions in these matters can make all the difference.

If you or your business is the subject of investigation by any of the authorities mentioned above, then please contact us for a free initial assessment.

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