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Handgun and  Ammunition

Major and Complex Crime

Years of Experience

Our experienced crown court specialists offer advice and representation for all matters at the crown court. We have extensive experience in representing clients accused of a wide range of serious and organised crime at the crown court including: 



firearms offences 

drug trafficking

money laundering 


sexual offences

all forms of conspiracy

We have links with a wide network of specialist barristers. We are also able to offer the services of solicitors with rights of audience in the crown court to represent you at court if you prefer. This means that the perfect advocate will always be found to suit your particular circumstances.

We strongly believe that frequent communication and consultation between the entire legal team (of which our client is the most important part) is always in our client’s best interests and we are happy to facilitate this.

If you or a loved one are a defendant in a case going to the crown court, then please contact us for a free initial assessment.

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