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It is important to us that all our clients understand how much their case may cost from the outset. Where we are able to fix fees we will try to offer this to our clients. The table below sets out the cost of those services for which we routinely fix our fees.

As one of the Legal Aid Agency’s contracted suppliers, many of our client’s are eligible for legal aid. We will advise you from the outset whether legal aid is available for your case and suitable for your circumstances. We will assist you in completing the application forms and submit them on your behalf. There is no cost for this service. If you are granted legal aid funding, we will give you details of any contributions you might be required to make towards the cost of your legal aid.

If you do not have legal aid, you will be provided with details of our private rates which are the same as the government guidelines on solicitors’ private fees. However, in some circumstances we may be able to arrange specific fixed fees tailored to your particular circumstances. In civil cases this may include ‘no-win, no-fee’ arrangements.

In some circumstances you may have insurance (perhaps as part of your home or car insurance policy) that you may use to meet our fees. We would be happy to consider these documents for you.

Please contact us if you would like our assistance with any of our services. We will provide you with a free initial assessment of your case in the first instance and then advise you on funding options and our rates.

Regardless of the way in which your case in funded, you can be assured that you will receive high quality service and will always be in control of your costs.

Fixed Fee Price List

Our fixed fees are calculated in accordance with the government guidelines on solicitors' fees. Our fees are highly competitive and offer better value for money than fees charged at an hourly rate. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Conference (1 Hour)


(plus £50 VAT)

A meeting with one of our highly experienced team in order to discuss your case in detail and provide you with comprehensive advice.

Magistrates' Court Attendance


(plus £100 VAT)

Preparation, advice, and representation by one of our experienced advocates at a single, non-contested hearing in the magistrates' court

Magistrates' Court Trial


(plus £240 VAT)

Preparation, advice, and representation by one of our experienced advocates in trial or other contested proceedings in the magistrates' court

Judge's Table

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